Big Kid Cream Soda

Ginger Cascara

Tastes just like a boozy version of the cream sodas you’d drink at a birthday party when you were ten, with a little extra spice and complexity. If you’re in the mood for a stellar drink but also want to do as little work as possible, this is the drink for you. While Amburana Cachaça can be a little tough to find, it makes this drink really shine. But a spiced rum will absolutely work if it’s not available near you.

6 oz ALLDAE Ginger Cascara
1.5 oz Amburana Cachaça or spiced rum (we like Avua)
0.5 oz Creme de Cacao (we like Tempus Fugit)

Garnish: Crazy straw
Glassware: Highball/Collins

Pour all ingredients over ice in a Collins glass and enjoy. Since this only uses half of a can you can make one for yourself and one for a friend. Or two for yourself, we’re not here to judge.