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Pineapple Cascara

Lightly smoky with a bouquet of fruit, this cocktail is built off a Mezcal Margarita recipe, but the addition of Pineapple Cascara changes the flavor profile completely. Enjoy one of these on a hot summer night on your porch or playing poker with the boys.

6 oz ALLDAE Pineapple Cascara
1.5 oz Mezcal (we like Del Maguey Vida)
0.5 oz orange liqueur (we like Cointreau) 
0.5 oz fresh lime juice

Garnish: Smoked ceylon cinnamon stick (set atop the glass like a cigar)
Glass: Highball/Collins

If you’ve got a shaker, shake all ingredients (except the cascara) together with ice and pour over fresh ice in a highball or Collins glass and top with Pineapple Cascara. Stir briefly with a barspoon. If you don’t have a shaker, just add all ingredients over ice and give it a quick stir.