We’re creating a new beverage category in partnership with farmers and their local communities. Coffee farmers have been historically taken advantage of, and we’re looking to change that. We believe we’re only as strong as our communities and we’re building them up alongside ourselves.

ALLDAE was born out of the passions of their collective expertise.

Ryan and Lee met while Lee was running a coffee shop in NYC. They were drawn together by their love of great food and drink and that first conversation led to something magical.

Ryan brings a decade of experience in beverage development and creation. His ability to constantly innovate and be on the cutting edge of flavor and products sets him apart. His years importing coffee have given him strong relationships with coffee farmers that have taught us so much.

Between Lee’s creative and design experience and Ryan's beverage experience, a beautiful brand is born that’s ready to take a new category of beverages that taste good, feel good, and do good.