ALLDAE cascara comes from exclusively panama gesha.

Gesha is the most prized variety of coffee, and our producing partner Jamison Savage has been a pioneer in coffee and cascara processing. His coffees have won numerous national championships and have been offered in Michelin Star restaurants. Jamison’s unique process has produced the best cascara we’ve ever tasted and is exclusively sourced for ALLDAE.

Jamison’s farm - Finca Deborah, takes the utmost care

processing their cascara. It starts with the most deliberate harvesting practices, where only the ripest coffee cherries are picked. Every cherry then gets dried in parabolic dry houses, using the heat of the powerful Panamanian sun. The cascara rests on raised beds designed by Jamison, drying slowly on the top bed for seven days and are meticulously rotated to ensure even drying. They are then transferred to a lower bed to rest for another twenty days. This slow and deliberate drying process is part of what makes our cascara so exceptionally clean and flavorful.

16 years in the making.

Jamison began to search for a place for his farm in 2005.

Zero Water waste

Zero water is used in the production of our cascara

Investing back at origin through equity is important to us, to ensure a symbiotic relationship with our producers like Jamison that ensures mutual success for us both.