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Women make up about 70% of the labor force on COFFEE FARMS. Despite this, they often have limited access to basic and lifesaving healthcare.

We are passionate about giving back to the coffee industry which provides us the Cascara for our beverages. Grounds for Health has consistently sought to give to the coffee industry not what they think it needs, but what they've been told it needs, and we at ALLDAE want to follow their example, promote and contribute to their life changing work.

Grounds for Health who has done work in various countries in Africa and Latin America where coffee is produced to prevent cervical cancer.

In coffee growing countries, cervical cancer kills more women than any other cancer, although it is one of the easiest cancers to prevent. However, cervical cancer needs to be caught early enough, and many women in these countries aren't able to be easily screened. Grounds for Health has screened over 142,000 women in coffee-producing countries and has treated over 11,700.

Donations from our website will go directly to their program funding and will help them pursue program opportunities in Panama. Donation button coming soon!

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